A Success Story 

We worked with a minority owned, Midwest-based security company that focuses on providing comprehensive armed and unarmed security presence to business clients. Their main clients include health centers, construction sites, and retailers.

Their Challenge

The company was awarded a large contract and wanted to stay liquid while fulfilling. They were seeking a line of credit for working capital to support continued growth. They wanted a lending relationship that allowed them to grow into a larger line than they may need to service current contracts.


The company applied for a line of credit at their neighborhood bank but was turned down due to the bank’s nuanced approach to new client business. 

Our Solution 

We were able to source a bank willing to 

Provide a low interest line of credit to service the new contract and additional business

Increase the functional capabilities of the company and ease of doing business through excess liquidity and reduced fees

Transition operating accounts and treasury management service

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