A Success Story 

We worked with a Midwest based security company that focuses on providing comprehensive security and event management services for sports and entertainment venues.


This includes large-scale events and open spaces, as well as developing customized protection and guest services programs for businesses, banks, financial institutions and retail locations.

Their Challenge

The previous 2 years were rewarding, yet challenging for the company. During that time the company spent a substantial amount of financial resources to expand outside of their home state. As result of that expansion the company experienced some operational difficulties that lead to the loss of large contracts.


Losing those contracts and the cost of securing the new business caused the company to be significantly over-advanced on its line of credit. 

Our Solution 

We were able to source a bank willing to 

Refinance all current debt 

Turn the company’s line of credit to a low interest term loan

Provide a new line of credit to allow the company to continue operations

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